Model Calendar

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 18.05.07Happy new year!

To kick off the new year, we would like to share the 2015 model calendar with you [download link]. A serious-fun project that the whole SES-LINK (among others) enthusiastically took part in for the last 14 months!
It all started with not being able to stop laughing about the funny anekdotes many of us had while explaining other people that you model… making people look at you full of admiration and sparkling eyes asking you what campaign you are currently working in. You, after this split-second of ‘feeling recognised in having such an awesome job’, realise they think of other models to be cool.. Hilarious! (see
We started playing with this idea, this funny misunderstanding, why not really make a model calendar?! And so we did…
As darkness arrived in Sweden (Nov’13) we kicked off our monthly model dinner evenings. Accompanied by lovely food and great company, we started to exchange the models that we know, inspired us and (the main theme) what models affected our thinking in social-ecological systems research. Not only do we now have a great product, the process allowed us to get to know the different models (better) and visualise them. We enjoy sharing the model calendar with you and all the thoughts, discussions that it will evoke from here. Maybe you can share your favourite (other) model(s) with us..
ps. more on the calendar: