Know your Ologies!

Know your Ologies!

Researchers of sustainability science are often faced with the need to consider a multitude of different knowledge types and forms. This can be challenging, given that many of these are generated in very different ways. This, in turn, can be traced back to radically different understandings of reality and ways to study this reality. What, in turn, does that mean for the practice of cross-disciplinary (multi- inter- trans-) cooperation/integration which is so central for sustainability research?

To further shed light on these questions the SES-LINK team (Maria Mancilla Garcia and Tilman Hertz) organized and moderated a series of workshops for sustainability researchers in view of:

  1. Disclosing the researchers (often implicit) ontological and epistemological commitments, and
  2. Discussing the implications of such commitments in the framework of sustainability research

The positive feedback by the participants led the SES-Link team to consider developing this procedure in a more systematic way to be applied more thoroughly also beyond the SRC. Please find here a toolkit that provides guidance to researchers for “mapping” their research across some of the categories of philosophy of science, either in the framework of an individual exercise or in the framework of a workshop for participants of research projects. Made by Maria Mancilla Garcia and Tilman Hertz in collaboration with the SES-LINK team and PhD students at SRC. We would be excited to get your feedback and comments to help us improve the tool! You can reach us at and

To reference the toolkit, please use: Hertz, Tilman and Mancilla-Garcia, María. 2019. Know your Ologies: Toolkit for cross-disciplinary research. SESLINK. Stockholm Resilience Centre. Stockholm University