Rethinking development in the context of co-evolution

Agricultural biodiversity and culture have co-evolved over millennia in the Pamir Mountains, creating deeply intertwined social-ecological relationships. The Pamirs also remain the poorest region of Post-Soviet states and improving human well-being has been a focus on development agencies over the past two decades. This project investigates the consequences of development efforts on co-evolutionary processes through in-depth case studies and uses participatory cooking and food as a methodology in eliciting future visions for the region.

People: Jamila Haider, Wijnand Boonstra, Maja Schlüter

Methods: interviews, food as participatory method, participant observation, visioning workshop, focus groups

Publications: under development

Funding:  European Research Council under the European Unions’ Seventh Framework Programme (FP/2007-2013)/ERC grant agreement no. 283950 SES-LINK